The following rules (referred to as "Terms and Conditions") form the basis of participation in the MGM Resorts International ("MGM") M life Program ("M life") (the "Program"). Your participation in this Program will be governed by these Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to read these Terms and Conditions so that you understand the Program's rules and benefits and your responsibilities under the Program. Your enrollment as a member of the M life Program constitutes your acceptance of the Program's Terms and Conditions.

Card Issuance

1. M life membership generally is available to any person 21 years of age or older with valid, government-issued photo identification. Types of valid photo identification include Drivers License, Passport, State Identification Cards or Military Identification. Eligible individuals may sign up for the M life Program at MGM's M life website, at an M life Program desk, or at another designated M life location at participating M life resorts (referred to herein as "M life station"). M life enrollment and membership can only be activated by presentation of valid identification at an M life station at participating M life resorts. An M life card (the "Card") will be issued to each M life member.

2. Only individual persons are eligible for M life Program membership; corporations or other entities cannot become M life members.

3. Up to two (2) eligible M life members residing at the same address may link accounts to share M life benefits. Both members must be present with valid photo identification at an M life station to link accounts. Either member may request that a link be removed from his/her account in person at an M life station with valid, government-issued photo identification. M life Cards, accounts, points, Tier Credits and/or benefits cannot otherwise be combined among members, their estates, successors or assigns. Neither accrued M life points or Tier Credits, nor M life benefits are transferable by a member (i) upon death, (ii) as part of a domestic relations matter or (iii) by operation of law.

4. Each member is responsible for selecting a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) for his/her account and for keeping the PIN secure. Each member is responsible for all transactions on his/her account when his/her confidential PIN is used.

5. A member is required to present valid, government-issued photo identification bearing the same name as stated on his/her M life Card when requesting that his/her confidential PIN be reset or changed.

6. Duplicate M life Cards will be issued to a member with proper identification. Neither the M life Program nor MGM is responsible for lost or stolen M life Cards.

7. Except as permitted by these Terms and Conditions, a member may not transfer, sell, purchase, trade or barter an M life Card, M life account, points, complimentaries ("comps"), Express Comps, Tier Credits or any membership benefit to another individual. Violators of this rule are subject to termination of M life Program membership and forfeiture of accumulated points, Tier Credits and/or benefits, and may be liable for damages and litigation costs, including any Program attorneys' fees incurred in enforcing this rule.

8. MGM Resorts International is a member of the American Gaming Association and adheres to its Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming. Persons who are on the MGM Resorts International Self-Limit Access Program of Nevada, Self-Exclusion Programs of Mississippi and New Jersey, Disassociated Persons Program of Michigan, or the Voluntary Exclusion Program of Maryland are not eligible for membership in the M life Program.

9. By enrolling in the M life Program, members consent to the terms of the MGM Privacy Policy and the sharing of their personal information among all casinos and resorts of MGM Resorts International.

Members also consent to receiving promotional and informational communications from participating M life casinos, hotels, affiliates and strategic partners. Members may opt-out of receiving marketing communications from participating M life resorts or MGM's business partners, or may update their preferences by contacting Member Services.

M life Card Usage

10. M life benefits are based on a member's expenditures for gaming play or certain nongaming purchases at participating M life resorts with presentation or use of a member's M life Card. Questions about the eligibility of nongaming Tier Credits for specific purchases should be directed to the participating M life resort for the practice of that resort.

11. To ensure proper recording of M life loyalty balances (Tier Credits, Express Comps or points) for electronic gaming activity, each M life member is responsible for properly inserting his/her M life Card into a slot machine prior to play.

12. To ensure proper recording of M life loyalty balances (including Tier Credits or Express Comps at certain M life resorts in Mississippi and Michigan), members must present their M life Card to a table games pit supervisor prior to table games play. M life members must satisfy minimum betting requirements to be rated for table games. Please see a table games pit supervisor at participating M life resorts for such assistance.

13. To ensure proper recording of Tier Credits for eligible nongaming purchases, each M life member is responsible for presenting his/her M life Card at the point of sale. Members may earn Tier Credits by room charging eligible purchases and associating their M life account number to their folio by contacting the Front Desk. However, M life Cards are not credit cards.

14. An M life member may not accrue points or Tier Credits or receive Express Comps, "comps" or any other membership benefits if his/her M life Card is used by another individual.

Redemption of Benefits and Rewards

15. A member qualifies for the corresponding benefits under M life on the date on which the member earns the minimum amount of Tier Credits associated with the Tier Level. Tier Level benefits are valid from point of Tier Level advancement until September 30 of the following year. Tier Credit accumulation and qualification for Tier advancement is determined between October 1 and September 30 ("Accumulation and Advancement Period"). Tier Credits may be accumulated towards tier advancement during the Accumulation and Advancement Period; however on October 1, Tier Credits will reset to 0. A member's tier will be established on October 1, based upon the Tier Credits earned from the previous Accumulation and Advancement Period.

16. A member's accumulated points and Express Comps may be subject to forfeiture if the member's M life account does not reflect any activity (which means earning points or earning Tier Credits) for a period of six (6) months for Sapphire Members or a period of twelve (12) months for Pearl, Gold, Platinum and NOIR Members.

17. A member is required to present valid government-issued photo identification bearing the same name as stated on his/her M life Card in order to redeem member benefits, including comps, Express Comps or tier benefits at the M life station or other point-of-sale locations.

18. Points and comps under the M life Program have no cash value.

19. Express Comps or Tier Credits have no cash value and may not be converted to points or FREEPLAY.

20. Redemption of Express Comps, tier benefits or M life Moments by a member is subject to limitations determined in the sole discretion of management.

21. M life members who qualify for gaming-related allowance programs (i.e. those that may result in reduction of a member's gaming indebtedness) are not eligible to earn Express Comps. Further, allowances received by a member, at the sole and absolute discretion of management, may be applied to reduce a member's accumulated Express Comps balance.

22. Members whose gaming-related indebtedness remains unpaid for a period of at least sixty (60) days after incurrence, may have the member's accumulated Express Comps balance forfeited at the sole and absolute discretion of management.

23. Any tax liability resulting from the accumulation or use of M life Program benefits is the obligation of the M life member.

General Program Conditions

24. Violation of the terms and conditions of the M life Program, including fraud, misrepresentation, misuse of M life card to manipulate accumulation of benefits or misuse of FREEPLAY and/or Express Comps by a member, or other improper conduct as determined by management, or if the member has been barred from the resort(s) or from gaming play by the management for business reasons that management determines are appropriate, may subject the member, without limitation, to termination of M life Program membership, demotion of the member's account status, forfeiture of all of the member's benefits, including accumulated points, Tier Credits, Tier Level benefits, FREEPLAY and/or Express Comps and/or appropriate administrative and/or legal action by MGM or applicable governmental authorities. In addition, MGM reserves the rights to take appropriate legal action to recover damages, including its attorneys' fees incurred in prosecuting or defending any lawsuit related hereto.

25. Membership in M life and accumulation of points, Express Comps, Tier Credits and/or benefits do not confer any enforceable contract or vested property rights with respect to Program benefits.

Changes to the M life Program

26. M life members acknowledge and agree that M life membership and its benefits are provided at the discretion of management. Management reserves the right to unilaterally change, amend, suspend, cancel or terminate any aspect of the M life Program, its benefits and/or its Terms and Conditions in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice for any or no reason. This means that management in its sole discretion may at any time, among other things, (1) amend, modify or withdraw any of the M life Program Terms and Conditions, (2) cancel, revoke, forfeit or change any member's membership status, points, Express Comps, Tier Credits, Program benefits and/or promotions, (3) change the value of accumulated or future points, point multipliers, Tier Credits, or benefits, (4) adjust point or Tier Credit balances and/or otherwise restrict the continued availability of awards, benefits, special offers or promotions, and/or (5) forfeit any M life benefits not yet redeemed for reasons management deems appropriate (such as, but not limited to, technical malfunction, error or any of the listed items in Rule 22 above). Management may make one or more of these changes at any time even though such changes may affect a member's comps, Express Comps or ability to use accumulated points or receive accrued benefits. Management will make reasonable efforts to notify M life members of general Program changes that may alter, diminish, forfeit or terminate members' benefits at least sixty (60) days prior to the effective date of such changes, except where the termination or adjustment of member benefits is based on the matters described in Rule 22 above as determined in the sole judgment of management, in which case the changes may result without notice to the member(s).

27. The M life Program is not responsible for products or services offered by other companies that may participate in benefits, offers or special promotions provided to members.

28. All decisions concerning the interpretation and application or administration of M life Program Terms and Conditions are within the sole discretion of management and any dispute regarding the accumulation of points, Express Comps or Tier Credits maintained in an M life account, and/or the forfeiture of points, Express Comps, Tier Credits, Tier Level benefits or other M life benefits will be reviewed by management. Management's decision in any dispute will be final and binding, subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the gaming regulatory authority of the state of the M life resort where the dispute arose. By joining M life, all members acknowledge that such applicable regulatory authority has exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes pertaining to the M life Program. The courts of the state of the M life resort where the dispute arose shall have exclusive jurisdiction to review any regulatory decision made concerning an M life dispute. Claims relating to the M life Program may not be resolved through any form of class action.

29. If it is determined that the M life Program has improperly denied a credit, benefit or award to a member, the member's sole and exclusive remedy shall be the issuance of the improperly denied credit, benefit or award if available, or such other alternative comparable benefit as determined by management of the M life Program, which shall not have additional liability whatsoever. In no event shall the M life Program be liable to any member, or anyone claiming through a member, for any direct, indirect or consequential damages or lost revenue or profits, claimed to arise out of the acts or omissions of M life Program management or any participating M life resort in connection with the Program.

30. The laws of the State of Nevada shall govern the validity, construction and interpretation of the Terms and Conditions of the M life Program. No effect shall be given to any Nevada choice of law or conflict of law rules or provisions that would cause the application of the laws of any other state.

31. A member's enrollment in the M life Program indicates acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of the M life Program.

32. M life members may request their personal Tax Information Statement by logging into or contacting M life Member Services and completing and returning the Tax Information Statement Request Form.

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